Australia has of late produced some amazingly brutal, bleak and yet brilliant films (Animal Kingdom being one good example) and ‘Snowtown’ falls firmly into that category. Based on a true story of Australia notorious ‘bodies in the barrels’ murders that happened between 1992 and 1999 it is unflinching in the portrayal of the killers and their environments. The film is not an easy watch and yet despite the subject matter it is a visually stunning affair, the shots balancing equally between uncomfortable close ups to huge expanses. Grainy but with an attention to detail the film has a great style and recreates the nineties perfectly and although everyone acts well it’s Daniel Henshall who steals the show as the menacing livewire and charismatic killer John Bunting. Most of the actual killing is depicted off camera and in some ways this is more unnerving with the lead up to each one bringing a level of tension that exists throughout. Considering this is Justin Kurzel’s debut feature it simply oozes confidence and should see him now get opportunities to nurture his talent further and I for one can’t wait to see what he does next after this dark but great film.  

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