Justice – Audio, Video, Disco.

Justice are back with ‘Audio, Video, Disco.’ and on first listen it is decidedly different from their debut ‘Cross’. Gone is the straight up dance replaced by a kind of prog-tronica, it’s still primarily dance but big beats are here played on real instruments giving each track a Led Zepplin meets Daft punk feel. Like a French Prodigy the drums pound away as the synths and guitars noodle over the top and again different to the first album there are various guest vocalists providing lyrics to over pin the ever growing dance rock vibe on display. Its hair-metal meets the dance floor as the duo show that they are just as adept to look backwards as well as forwards and while not breaking any new ground per say there is a still fresh feel to the sound. Songs start slowly before revving up to chaotic climaxes and one can only wonder how tracks like ‘Canon’ and ‘Helix’ will sound coming out of giant speaker cabs. None of the songs are over five minutes and so nothing outstays its welcome and with just eleven overall it is a compact but intense experience. So if you are looking for a dance record that rocks then look no further than ‘Audio, Video, Disco.’ because it does just that.

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