David Lynch-Crazy Clown Time

David Lynch has tried his hand at most things, obviously he is best known for his film work, but now with ‘Crazy Clown Time’ he is venturing into music. From the outset this is an odd record, that’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just odd. Each song, as you would imagine, sounds a bit like it should be from a film and my imagination was conjuring up images as I listened. Opening Karen O voiced track ‘Pinky’s Dream had me thinking of ‘Wild at Heart’, late night drives and yellow lines caught in headlights as the story unfolds and later tracks like the twisted ‘Speed Roadster’ or the title track reminded me of Twin Peaks all mist, murder and pie. Lead single ‘Good Day Today’ sounds a little ‘Cylons in love’ from Bent’s debut ‘Programmed to Love’ and you can basically ignore the word heavy vocoder centre piece ‘Strange and Unproductive Thinking’ it is seven minutes of bizarre ramblings, a song hasn’t annoyed me this much since Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)’ . All in all the album is a strange mix of soft Nine Inch Nails, early Flaming Lips, the Orb and film scores that don’t exist and give or take a few duff tracks its nothing if not interesting. So the director who makes films with a slightly creepy and sinister edge can also do the same on record, it’s an unnerving listen at times, what is weird is you might not be able to quite put your finger on why.


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