Darren Hayman-The Ship’s Piano

With a distinctive voice and song writing style Darren Hayman has been making great music since 1995, chiefly in Hefner, but he has been involved in various projects and bands since their demise in 2002. His latest solo effort ‘The Ship’s Piano’ sees Hayman strip back his sound  due to a head injury that left him unable to deal with loud noise and it is better for it, just his fragile voice and piano sometimes aided by minimal drums or a trumpet allow the songs and his lyrics to take centre stage. ‘Take a Breather’ and ‘Oh Josephine’ are two particularly strong songs; as good as anything that Hayman has done before, both ballads full of subtle hues. Thankfully the bump on the head didn’t diminish any of his skills and each song is filled with his usual wit and charm and you can’t be disappointed with a collection as beautiful as this even if it was born out of a bad experience.

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