Babybird-The Pleasures of Self Destruction

Always overshadowed by ‘that song’ Babybird a.k.a Stephen Jones is rarely given the credit he so rightly deserves, consistently good both live and on record its time the great man got a lot more love. ‘The Pleasures of Self Destruction’ sees him once again doing what he does best, a collection of songs full of wit and charm equally balanced between barbed and beautiful. From the sardonic bombast of album opener ‘The Jesus Stag Night Club’ through to the heart-warming ‘Can’t Love You Anymore’ right up to closer ‘Remember Us’ it is just what you would expect from him if you are familiar with his previous work, great lyrics delivered in distinctive voice over cracking tunes. The songs themselves are real growers, at first I thought (wrongly) that this was just another Babybird record, but by second and third listen I was infected to the point where I think this could be his best since ‘There’s Something Going On’. I, as a fan, am just happy Stephen is still putting out records like this for me to enjoy and for that I thank him and I say to all those who when they hear the name Babybird can only think of ‘that song’ that they are truly missing out on some brilliant music and ‘The Pleasures of Self Destruction’ is no exception.

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