You know those great little indie films from the states like ‘Junebug’, ‘Thumbsucker’ and ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ to name but a few, well now you can add to that list ‘Cherry’ a charming coming of age human nature piece that each and every one can in some way relate to. It’s a simple enough story, Aaron leaves home to embark on his freshman year and falls for an older student Linda, Linda a recovering alcoholic has a wise cracking, old before her years, daughter called Beth, Beth falls for Aaron and a bizarre unrequited love triangle opens up learning curves, home truths and life experience for all three. The great thing about this movie is the quality of the script, the acting and the use of music, no CGI or special effects are needed to convey the very real story contained. It has ups and downs, laughs and gasps and at an hour and a half is perfectly paced. Without sounding twee or patronising if something like Transformers is a beer then this is a nice cup of tea and a sit down, which is no bad thing, some blockbusters feel like being repeated hit in the face with laptop but sometimes you just need to be told a good solid entertaining story, Cherry is just that. I just hope lots of people get to see this film because it deserves it.

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