Entourage the Movie…

(Caution contains spoilers if you haven’t seen season 8 yet!)

As the men’s version of ‘Sex in the City’ ‘Entourage’ comes to a disappointing end I will offer my ideas for their (inevitable) move to the big screen. At the end of the series we saw most of the cast board a plane to go to Paris, except E who gets on a separate plane with his pregnant fiancé. My film would open with a spectacular plane crash in which teenage munchkin nob-end turtle, every young person’s first sexual encounter fear The Johnny Drama, a man who has shouted so much that his body contains only 3% water ari(d) and the star, Vin du Chase, who like a fine wine is tasty, full bodied but sadly with a brain made entirely of cork all die. For shits and giggles let’s make Sloane (E’s fiancé) die in childbirth leaving the vertically challenged movie mogul alone in New York, literally, holding the baby. Yes it’s a comedy. Cue hilarity as E tries to cope raising his child alone, but wait, the twist is the rest of the cast come back in shimmering blue ghost form a la Star Wars and give E the help he needs to be a single parent in today’s modern society. It’s all the usual japes you would expect from the boys but with added nappy changing and puke. Originally I was going to call it ‘LonelE’ but with the recent Hollywood obsession with remakes and reboots I finally decided on ‘E men and a little baby’.



                                   Drama, Turtle, Vince, E & Ari

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