Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Like a dirty Beach Boys ‘Honey Bunny’ opens Girls 3rd album with harmonies and surf guitars, ‘Alex’ stays in similar territory before ‘Die’ bursts through with a Black Sabbath style riff, three songs in and already we are ripping through genres. Lead single ‘Vomit’, despite the title, is a beautiful Hammond organ driven song and when the backing singers come in it is pure mid era Pink Floyd. Then we move into the final part of the record where the tracks are very reminiscent of The Beatles before ending on the whimsical ‘Jamie Marie’. Lyrically this is definitely a break-up record and yet while musically strong at times you wish that they would pull themselves in a bit, they clearly have grand ideas but choose to mix that with lo-fi which at times works but more often than not it is a little jarring. It is a natural progression from their earlier work and a good indication of what lies ahead. So for now enjoy this album, if enjoy is the right word, its raw, emotional and wears its music heritage on its sleeve and because the great bits really do out way the bad.

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