Set at an undisclosed time in the eighties ‘Submarine’ is a Welsh coming of age comedy/drama. Directed by Richard Ayoade (Moss from the I.T. Crowd among others) you can tell, as with other directors such as Joe Cornish (Adam & Joe show to Attack the Block), Edgar Wright (Spaced to Shaun of the Dead) and Paul King (The Mighty Boosh to Bunny and the Bull), that cutting his teeth on the small screen certainly helped with the leap to the big. Using some interesting techniques that never snap you out of the idyllic setting the warmth of the story and the characters (particularly Paddy as guru Graham Purvis who is clearly just having fun with the role and Noah Taylor who managers to portray so much with so little as Oliver’s dad Lloyd) propel the film along with expert pacing. The music by Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner fits really well and is some of the best he’s done. Like ‘The Squid and the Whale’ meets an episode of much loved sitcom ‘The Secret diary of Adrian Mole’ it should see, not only the unknown cast, but the director go on to bigger and better things. A film that everyone involved in can rightfully be proud of.

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