Food for thought

Kids can be fussy buggers; manufacturers know this and have for years been disguising their foodstuffs to compensate. If you want a child to eat processed ham put a teddy bears face through it. Similarly if you want your child to eat turkey or potatoes just shape them like dinosaurs, giant letters or smiley faces (this also works for biscuits but I’m sure it’s not as difficult to get children to eat those). So why doesn’t anyone apply the same theory to fruit and veg? Maybe you could shape various greens as machine guns, skateboards and xbox controllers? Or grow a special type of apple emblazoned with a hello kitty logo? Farmers could take a leaf out of the makers of ‘Kinder eggs’ book and replace the stones and seeds in large fruits with toys. You could dye bananas so every time you peel open the skin you never know what colour of the rainbow you’ll get. Not only would we be tackling the child obesity issue we would also be making the world a much nicer place.

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