Hobo with a Shotgun

Hobo with a Shotgun started its life as one of the fake trailers between the grindhouse Tarantino/Rodriguez double bill Death Proof and Planet Terror and just like Machete should probably have stayed there. Quite good as a short pastiche of old school b-movie schlock; here it is drawn out to painful lengths. Badly acted and poorly executed it is destined to be, like the films it copies, bargain bin fodder. Sadly it is also a reminder of the screen presence of Rutger Hauer, not since his early days have we seen him command this much attention, he is the best thing in it by a country mile. Apart from an interesting use of colour/film stock that gives it an aged feel, a technique achieved by Rodriguez with fake scratches and burnouts, there really is nothing else redeeming this movie. Bad effects, worse script and generally not funny where it was trying to be, some will band around the word ‘cult’ but actually we can just use the word ‘rubbish’.

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