Stake Land

I didn’t know what to expect form ‘StakeLand’ as I’ve had my fill of vampires recently but I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. Atmospheric, bleak and well paced the film is like ‘The Road’ meets ‘Zombieland’ although there are no jokes here. Martin is the narrator of the story as he travels with vampire hunter ‘Mister’ acrossAmerica, after his family is killed, searching for sanctuary in ‘New Eden’. It’s nothing new but the way its done is, some will find it to slow, there is action but it is limited and it’s more about the struggle of the characters in a world where desperate men are as much to be feared as the vampires. The films trump card is ‘Mister’ a brilliant creation, brought to life by Nick Damici, part Paul Kersey (Bronson in Death wish) part Billy (Predator) but all badass. This understated but moody performance underpins the whole film and will guarantee that you will want to keep watching. Another thing the film does really well is create characters you actually care about, something rare in a low budget American horror, but it works and so the demise of some of them is genuinely moving. Overall ‘StakeLand’ is well executed, actually has a story and is handled well by all involved. Don’t let the fact that it is a vampire movie put you off, or like me you might just miss a treat.

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