The Redtop Headline Storage Facility

Jeff had been a journalist for sometime but it was at least 10 years into his career before he was let into the secret all good journalists know. The redtop headline storage facility, this mission impossible style computer that stores all the headlines that are waiting to happen. Any journalist with access can, after rigorous checks, a retina scan and fingerprint verification, use the super computer to store and copyright a headline before its even happened. Depending on how good they are a journalist could retire after a few quality hits. Some however, no matter how good they are, will never amount to anything; some are just guaranteed to happen eventually. It was a headline Jeff had put in the massive vault a few years ago that he would be retracting today for tomorrow mornings paper. For light entertainment mummy and owner of televisions most famous chin, Bruce Forsyth, had been included in the Queens Birthday honours list. Today Jeff would be unveiling his payday, the one he’d been waiting for since the day he thought it up all those years ago, scribbled hastily and drunk on a napkin. Today’s paper would proudly carry Jeff’s predicted, two year old but only relevant today, headline ‘Knights to see you’.

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