Megan Is Missing

Firstly let me say that there is a difference between horror and horrific. Horror to me can cover films chock full of mystical beasties, baddies that possesses supernatural power and killers that come from other dimensions. Horrific on the other hand covers things that could actually happen, to people, in the real world. Megan Is Missing is one such film, based in truth it tells the story of two best friends who disappear after chatting to people in online chat rooms. Also this really is a film of two halves and with a very definite point of no return. When it starts we are told we are going to see the lives of Megan and Amy via footage recovered from phones, computers and Amy’s new video camera, so we get a lot of film of the girls hanging out, talking about boys, going to parties and various other things fourteen year old girls do. At this stage, as with films like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, I found the characters so annoying that I couldn’t wait for things to start happening to them. Even after Megan goes missing the faked news reports are so bad they did nothing to change the way I was feeling about this movie. Then comes the previously mentioned point of no return, the filmmakers claim to have two never been seen before photos, it is here when you see ‘PHOTO 1#’ on the screen that you must make a choice because what comes next can never be unseen. From here the film takes a dramatic turn and doesn’t let up. Some of the images in this final section are still with me now weeks later. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I won’t go into details, just be warned it’s not for the squeamish. Whether the film gets across the message it sets out to or achieves anything other than shock, I’m still not sure, I understand that the lead up had to be light hearted to give weight to the end but I found it a little too faked to be believable. Had it though been anymore realistic then the ending would have been a lot more horrific than it already is.

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