‘Blair Witch’ meets ‘Monsters’ in a sort of Scandinavian ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ for grown ups in this fun film. Hans works for the Norwegian government, but what does he do exactly? When we meet him he is being filmed by a group of students trying to figure out just that and as they follow him they soon realise that his job is that of the films title ‘Troll Hunter’. Set among the back drop of the misty mountains, open plains and eerie woods ofNorwaythe film is very good at setting a scene and the build up to the emergence of the trolls is also handled pretty well. The effects are pretty good considering the relatively low budget and the script and acting are solid. The downside is the cast’s readiness to just suddenly start to believe in trolls without freaking out and carry on calmly filming away like they are making a nature documentary and the fact that more questions are posed than answered. But those gripes aside it’s as good if not better than Gareth Edwards ‘Monsters’ and despite the snowy bleak atmosphere it has at its core a warm heart. If you go down in the woods today you’d better be prepared for ‘TROLLS’.

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