City and Colour – Little Hell

Sometime singer with ‘Alexisonfire’ Dallas Green is back with his latest under his other moniker ‘City and Colour’; ‘Little Hell’ is his 3rd solo album and is at times a departure from previous record ‘Bring Me Your Love’. It starts in familiar territory with ‘We Found Each Other in the Dark’ a sparse, echoing love song but subsequent tracks add a fuller sound and it isn’t until ‘Northern Wind’ that we get the City and Colour we are used to with Dallas’s falsetto vocal and beautifully picked guitar sounding so intimate it is like he is the room. Its not that the tracks with a full band are bad, quite the opposite as they showcase the range of song writing skills that Mr.Green possesses, its just that they are not what I was expecting. But you can’t deny the power that a song like ‘Sorrow Man’ or ‘Grand Optimist’ has and each composition here merits equal attention. From the raw to the bombasticDallas has crafted another eleven fine songs of love, loss and little hells. It may take some getting used to but ultimately I think I will be worth it.

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