The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

Although this film could have easily been called ‘Amilie Jones and the Last Crushed Egg’ as it is in part a quirky French comedy and a girls own adventure story. Based on a graphic novel Luc Besson is back on form and directs all the action brilliantly but its Louise Bourgoin who steals the show as the feisty Adele. We first meet her on a quest to find a certain mummy in Egypt and then we head home to a France that is being terrorised by a prehistoric creature. It’s silly and fun and that’s what’s refreshing here, the film doesn’t take itself too seriously and subsequently keeps you sufficiently entertained. There is a cracking joke that you don’t see coming towards the end that had me spit my drink out. The only thing I can pick fault with is that you are not told much about the heroine as this is just a snap shot of a bigger picture, maybe more will be revealed if they make subsequent films. But for now she exists without a history, apart from her sister’s accident, so she remains a bit of a mystery. But if you want a switch your brain off action film with a few laughs then look no further.

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