Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Bad cover art and plagiarism accusations aside and after her quite frankly self indulgent performance at Radio 1s big weekend (just because you are the biggest pop star on the planet doesn’t mean you can not give the fans that put you there what they want!) I was prepared to not like ‘Born This Way’ so it gives me great pleasure to say that I actually do. You can’t do all the stunts like coming out of an egg, the meat dress etc without the talent and songs to back it up and as this record proves Gaga more than has the musical chops to cut it. First thing to notice here is that the handful of released singles so far are not the strongest tracks and even ‘Born This Way’ sounds better in context within the album as a whole (I heard it for the first time without thinking it sounded just like a certain other song). I’m not saying this is a concept album but as stand alone tracks the title song and ‘Judas’ are just pop songs but somehow all together nestled alongside the others they become something a little more. If any criticism can be aimed at the record its that it is sometimes a little too full on, pop, dance, jazz, techno, punk, rock, funk, soul, Gaga doesn’t hold back and this throw it all see how much sticks approach works for her on most occasions but at times it does grate (especially when it sounds like a bodyform advert circa 1980s). But if you ignore these little misdemeanours and let yourself get swept up in the crazy world of Gaga then this a one musical rollercoaster that you’ll want to ride.

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