Explosions in the Sky-Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Some bands create soundscapes with traditional instruments ‘A Silver Mt Zion (Godspeed)’’Sigur Ros’ some do it with feedback and distortion ‘Mogwai’’…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead’ but ‘Explosions in the Sky’ use melody, clever hooks and catchy layers. While listening to the first track on the record I kept waiting for Robert Smiths vocals to start, it sounds so cure-like, but removed of the gloomy edge and replaced with uplifting guitars. The album continues by making short soundtracks to films not yet made. With the sun shining  every note sounds bright and when ‘Human Qualities’  breaks down to the point when its almost not there you eagerly wait for its comeback, its ‘Chemical Brothers’ at their most mellow with the only trace of dance left a Radiohead flicker, and befitting their name, it explodes and the band go for it. The going for it continues on the short ‘Trembling Hands’ which sounds like MBV with a little more discipline. ‘Be Comfortable, Creature’ opens like a child’s music box and when the drums start its not a little figure spinning in the centre but my head as I try to pick through all the instrumentation and layers as they increase in intensity. ‘Postcards from 1952’ has a similar trajectory starting small before taking off on a grand flight of fancy, duelling guitars soar over pounding drums until eventually it lands gently. Ten minute ‘Let Me Back In’ closes the album and is complicated as it is simple and beautiful as it is intense. It is music that needs no words but still manages to speak with hushed whispers to brash bombastic outbursts. Lyrics would just complicate and distract from the overwhelming power of the sound this band can conjure up. In summary this Texan quartet are going from decrescendo to crescendo and from strength to strength and with this being their sixth album they show now signs of slowing that trend.

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