Meat Puppets-Lollipop

Probably best known for being one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite bands, cumulating in their appearance on Nirvana’s MTV unplugged, theKirkwoodbrothers Cris and Curt return with a new Meat Puppets album ‘Lollipop’. A collection of twelve diverse songs in a range of styles that always maintains the sound that they have spent a career perfecting. Each one as catchy and the last Curt’s woozy vocal smoothes the edges on the rockier songs and lulls on the slower numbers melding with the bands trademark interlaced guitars. ‘Damn Thing’ and ‘Hour of the Idiot’ are particularly good tracks but spend time with the record and you will grow to love each song for its own merits. Class song writing and a welcome return for a great band; let’s hope for our sakes they decide to stick around.

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