TV on the Radio-Nine Types Of Light

Like a cross between Smog and the Scissor Sisters ‘Second Song’ opens TV on the Radio’s new record ‘Nine Types of Light’ and ushers in a feeling that this is going to be one of those records, great and beautifully different. With keys and horns fighting for space with punchy guitars it could have sounded like an eighties mess instead it’s a wonderful slab of future funk. ‘Keep your Heart’ is reminiscent of The National’s ‘Terrible Love’ but is lifted by falsetto vocals that fill the chorus. ‘You’ is layered with synths that give way to country style slide guitars as the lyrics ‘you’re the only one I ever loved’ drift out. ‘No Future Shock’ has tendencies towards Big Audio Dynamite while all the time retaining an air of Pavement as horns return to close the track. ‘Killer Crane’ is eased in on a boat of percussion and swelling organ, its subtle layers teasing out instrument after instrument before breaking right down to strings and vocal, it’s a beautiful centrepiece and at the five minute mark the euphoria seeps back in all Mercury Rev meets the Polyphonic Spree. ‘Will Do’ wouldn’t seem out of place on Beck’s ‘Midnite Vultures’ album and ‘New Cannonball Blues’ is the sound of Add N to X drenched in California sun, equal parts summer and sleaze. ‘Repetition’ with its Dream Warriors borrowing refrain ‘my repetition is this’ is the closets thing to a straight song and is pop perfect, while always threatening to spill over it manages restraint right up to the end. ‘Forgotten’ starts ghostly like a minimal Gorillaz or a stripped back Depeche Mode at their most bare continuing to allow the listener access to hidden instrumentation before bursting forth all whistles and horns building to a hands in the air epiphany. ‘Caffeinated Consciousness’ is the Super Furries at their most affective and concludes an album yet again of fresh funk and summer soul all wrapped up in an indie sensibility.

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