Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blues

With the arrangements of the Band, the harmonies of the Beach Boys and their feet firmly placed in knowledge of the history of traditional folk the Fleet Foxes return with their second album. Unbelievably they sound like a band on their tenth record not their second and the maturity of the song writing and use of space shines through from the outset. Originally recorded and then scrapped this is the band proving to themselves that they could do better and believe me this really is as good as it gets. While no great departure from the sound of their self titled debut, although they do dabble in a few jazz off cuts, the sound is so coherent and confident it almost oozes out the speakers. While there isn’t a bad tune among the twelve here stand out tracks are the title ‘Helplessness Blues’ and ‘Lorelai’ where Robin’s voice has never sounded better. What with Iron & Wine, Josh T Pearson and now this we are already being spoiled this year with amazing music. Expect the Foxes to be one of the bands sound tracking the long hot summer nights of 2011.

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