Josh T Pearson-Bodega Nottingham 30/03/11

With one of the albums of the year already under his belt expectations run high tonight, can Josh translate that sheer beauty, the melancholy and the demons into the live arena? Well the answer is a resounding yes. From the moment he takes the stage, obscured by his beard and guitar and starts playing Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon he has the crowd. The phrase ‘you could here a pin drop’ doesn’t convey just how rapt the audience are and I almost don’t want to breathe for fear of breaking the silence. The adoration continues throughout as Josh plays tracks from Last of the country Gentlemen ‘Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ’ and ‘Woman When I’ve Raised Hell’ being just two among the set that brought a tear to my eyes. Over his southern vocals his guitar goes from the deftest finger picking to an acoustic room filling crescendo and back again it’s like watching a master at work. At the end when he gets the audience to join him in a sing along, everyone does it and everyone means its, it is truly one of those moments equally humble and at the same time powerful. Then it’s all over and I could finally breathe again and reflect on what I had just witnessed, one hell of a gig.

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