The Silent House/La Casa Muda

In the genre of handheld cam films the doors were firmly blown open by ‘The Blair Witch Project’ since then we’ve had the good ‘Rec, Rec 2’ and the bad ‘Paranormal Activity 1&2’ and now, allegedly based on a true story, comes this pretty solid effort from Uruguay. The story is a simple one, Laura and her father Wilson go to an old house to fix it up before sale and as night approaches things slowly deteriorate over the next 78 minutes. First thing to say is that the whole film is done in one uninterrupted take, real time, which is no mean feat, technically it gets maximum kudos for this especially when you see all the shots they do using mirrors. Secondly it is actually quite scary, yes they use a few familiar tricks but add them to the single shot and the unravelling nature of the plot and you get something quite different. There are enough twists to keep you guessing until the end and even a post credits section that tries to tie up a few loose ends. But without giving too much away I will just say that this film is an art house horror that will impress and scare in equal measure.

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One Response to The Silent House/La Casa Muda

  1. Melissa says:

    Real fear in real time, that’s true! Great movie in one shot!

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