The Vaccines-What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

Described by nearly every review as ‘the shot in the arm that indie needs’ the Vaccines have a lot to live up to. Opening track ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ is pure Ramones (if you don’t know who they are, you should, so stop reading this and go find out!) By ‘A Lack of Understanding’ they have become 1st album Strokes and ‘Blow it up’ is haunted by the ghost of early Echo and the Bunnymen. ‘Wetsuit’ drops down the pace before ‘Norgaard’ rams it back up to its best Libertines impression. Silly lyrics of the album award goes to ‘Post Break-up Sex’ which is almost embarrassing and ‘Under your Thumb’ borrows heavily from King of Leon’s ‘The Bucket’ but isn’t long enough for you to notice. ‘All in White’ is again pretty generic as is ‘Wolf Pack’ and it isn’t until album closer ‘Family Friend’ that we see even the slightest bit of originality from the band. So what did I expect from the Vaccines? Well with everything everyone was saying at least something fresh and not another rehash of former guitar music’s glories. To quote one of the bands they clearly want to so badly be ‘Is This It’ the answer: I’m afraid it is.  

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