We have become so hard to please, cursed by ever increasing advances in technology things we used to find entertaining now just seem so lame. In the old days people were wowed just with the use of scale. They scaled things up, for example the big wheel, a big pencil that had a small packet of mini pencils attached to the tip (I never understood that), oversized playing cards or a massive eraser and also down such as a miniature village, my little pony, miniature golf, a miniature railway and table football. They even did it with people to maximise their likeability, we had Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and Tiny Tim, these days we have Tinie Tempah who is in fact no different in size to the average human and also can’t grasp the fundamental basics of spelling. But if you took a child to see a massive Perspex box full of small wooden houses and rodents called ‘Mouse City’ you‘d probably get a punch in the face and a threat that if you didn’t instantly get them a hand-held 3d games machine that they would hunt down and kill your parents and pets. These are the same kids who thirty years ago were happy with a lump of coal or a wooden hoop and when I say happy I mean happy, you wouldn’t catch Billy trying to shank Timmy with a piece of broken hoop to get his shiny coal. These days kids will cut you just for thinking about them the wrong way, there must be an angry mob on its way to my location as I write this. Do you think I have any chance of distracting them with a cat in a bowtie long enough to make my escape?

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One Response to Scale

  1. eatsewlove says:

    I like this one. Not just because you distracted me by talking about a cat in a bowtie, but also because it gives me an insight into your Victorian upbringing. (“thirty years ago”..? We know it was a bit longer than that.)

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