Clint Eastwood gets back behind the camera (as well composer) and reunites with Matt Damon in this story about whether there is an afterlife. Three stories run parallel until they intertwine, each tackling a wide range of subjects from natural disasters to terrorist attacks, foster care caused by addiction to job loss while all the time dealing with everyday life and what that can throw at you and of course it all being overshadowed by death and beyond. The opening is amazing and unexpected before the pace is taken down a notch, although there are still surprises in store. The stories themselves are engaging and acted well by the ensemble cast that includes Cecile De France, Frankie and George McLaren, Derek Jacobi and Bryce Dallas Howard to name but a few. The directing is good and while not quite at Paul Thomas Anderson level the film as a whole feels like the cousin of Magnolia, the attention to detail and the subplots all adding something. I don’t want to give too much away but if you want a film to make you think at the same time as entertaining you then see this movie.

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