Iron and Wine-Kiss Each Other Clean

I think its true to say that Sam Beam has come along way since 2007’s ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ on this probably the first great record of 2011. Long gone is the solo William Oldham style troubadour and here now is the soundscapes of ‘The Band’. Each song is lushly peppered with layers of instruments, weird noises and harmonies as the listener goes on a journey through country, blues, jazz and rock while all the time still remaining fresh sounding. Lyrically Sam is still as cryptic as ever allowing multiple interpretations as he twists tales of love and loss with humour and charm. This is a record that immerses you with the most exquisite compositions that once you have heard them you will want to hear them again straight away. Panoramic, funky and musically matured this album will stand the test of time and come the end of the year be in everyone’s top lists.

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