Animal Kingdom

From the bleak opening to the dramatic unfolding of the story ‘Animal Kingdom’ is a film that pulls no punches and like the vastly underrated television show ‘Underbelly’ more proof that Australia can do gangster just as good as Hollywood. The film is shot in a lo-fi style that often uses a slow motion to great effect and in doing this it gives it a very real feeling, add to that the superb acting from all the cast and you can’t fail to be gripped right up to the end. Relative newcomer James Frecheville plays Josh who has been kept apart from his family until one day when he gets drawn into their criminal world, from here on in it’s a tug of war between them and the police. Officer Leckie (Pearce) believes he can save the boy from his fate, the question is can he save him before it’s too late? A great script and a haunting score add final flavour to what is a great little drama of a film and one that shouldn’t be missed.  

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