True Grit

Based on the original source text more than the 1969 John Wayne film the Cohen brothers return with this Wild West tale of redemption and revenge. Simply when Mattie Ross’s father is gunned down by Tom Chaney (Brolin) she sets herself on a mission to avenge his death and see Chaney brought to justice by hanging but at 14 she will need some help in the form of Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn (Bridges, think Lebowski with an eye patch) and joined by an almost unrecognizable Matt Damon as law man LaBoeuf, the unlikely trio set out on the criminals trail. Now as a fan of the Cohen’s earlier work but not so much of their recent output I approached this film with caution and I was right to, its not that it’s a bad film it’s just that it isn’t that good either. It looks fine and is acted well but the pacing is all wrong, you never really get to spend any significant time with the characters so you never develop a relationship with them which leaves you ultimately feeling empty and cold. It is also hard at times to understand what anyone is saying in their southern drawl which also doesn’t help. Add to that the bizarre quirks like the weird tourette’s guy and the bear man and the ending that just comes abruptly from nowhere and it’s a strange watch. On paper it all points to it being a great movie, sadly on the screen it just falls flat.

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