Warning contains spoilers.

In an emperors new clothes style the latest trick from Disney was waiting so long between the first Tron film and Legacy that everyone actually believed that a new Tron film was exactly what they needed, turns out with hindsight that we really didn’t need it at all. For all the whistles and bells, cool French dance duo soundtrack, old Jeff Bridges, young Jeff Bridges, light cycles, architecture, colour coded costumes and of course three whole dimensions, Tron’s biggest crime is that it’s just boring. It’s over long and has no story and within that two of the most gaping plot holes in recent film memory. Firstly how the character Tron spends the majority of the film as a bad guy before doing a complete flip and suddenly becoming good with absolutely no reason whatsoever and secondly how old Jeff becomes a supreme being in the computer world at the end and sorts everything out, if only he’d done that two hours earlier we could of saved ourselves a lot of time and we wouldn’t have had to sit through the bizarrely embarrassing scenes with Michael Sheen as a dandy Bowie figure who dances round seemingly unaware that he’s staring in a bit stolen from the Matrix (not to mention the bits borrowed from Star Wars and Bladerunner). The heir to Sam ‘The Blank’ Worthington’s acting throne is Garrett Hedlund as Sam, a central character that at no point is phased by being in a computer game except to exclaim ‘whoa’ every now and then like a Bill and Ted in a glowing leotard. Olivia Wilde as Quorra provides some much needed eye candy but her preposterous storyline of leaving the computer and entering the real world has set Disney up for a ‘Splash’ type sequel where she struggles to cope with everyday shenanigans. I actually went into Tron with low expectations and after I’d recovered from the sheer boredom I was still pretty disappointed, I guess that I just expect more from estimated $300 million films these days, silly me.

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