Kate Walsh-Peppermint Radio

Cover versions are part and parcel of everyday music, some bands use a well placed cover as a spring board to launching their career and other more established artists often attempt a whole album of covers which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, it all depends on the songs. Using the template laid before her by Kathryn Williams with ‘Revelations’ singer/songwriter Kate Walsh has done just that with her fourth ‘Peppermint Radio’, eleven songs by artists that she says have inspired her career and its quite a collection. Opening with Radiohead’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Alien’ Walsh plays a stark piano as the familiar opening lines hit your ears before a cello slowly creeps in and although its not a different song there is something different about it somehow. Following that we get Prefab Sprout (When Love Breaks Down), EMF (an amazing take on the ‘Unbelievable’ chart topper), The Cure (Lullaby), Blur (Beetlebum), Erasure (A Little Respect), The Shamen (dance hit ‘Move any Mountain’ broken right down), Eurythmics (Who’s That Girl), Duran Duran (‘Save a Prayer’ with added minimal drums), Turin Brakes (‘Feeling Oblivion’ probably closest to the original here) and finally The Sundays ‘Monochrome’. Walsh’s voice floats over the arrangements lifting them from what could have been simple lounge style covers to something enchanting. Old songs suddenly have new life especially the ones that are very far removed from the originals but all the time the style and pacing of the record keeps you in mind of what Walsh’s intentions were, to show off the song writing skills in this collection, a collection that she herself loves and has loving treated in each stripped back interpretation. Nothing new then but something a little different and an amicable take on eleven classics.

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