Snow Joke

Oh in case you hadn’t noticed or the evil eye pixies have stitched up your peepers or maybe you have spent the last few days wonderfully either in a sauna or nuclear reactor or a desert then you may have noticed that, as is quite usual believe it or not for this time of year, that’s its been doing a little bit of snowing and the like. The thing is I’m astounded that all the snows not melted before its hits the ground just with all the hot air from everyone banging on about it; you would think people had never seen it before. What the f*ck did people say to each other before cold fluffy ice started falling from the sky because since it showed up there doesn’t seem to be any other topic of conversation. It’s all snow this and snow that and more importantly why do people think I give a rat’s ass? Also the Eskimos allegedly have something like 30 odd words for snow; well it’s not a f*cking competition people, stop making up words to describe it in the vein attempt that if you think you tell me about it in a new and interesting way I might suddenly start to give a shit. It’s just frozen water get the hell over it and move on.

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