When you just can’t get enough films about alien races coming to earth to destroy us then when you see a trailer like the one for ‘Skyline’ you may, like me, get a little excited. Sadly then that this fleeting feeling only lasts until the crushing blow of actually having the misfortune to watch the film itself occurs. The aliens in question on day release from the ‘Matrix’ have clearly come to earth to use their shiny blue tempting lights to steal everyone’s acting ability, sadly they soon find they’ve come to the wrong place. Of course I’m joking, about the alien’s motives, not the acting. So as if it wasn’t bad enough that not a single person in this film can act for toffee you then have to factor in the awful direction. What I think is most painful is the overuse of slow motion and in a totally serious way (although its pretty laughable) using the slow motion to show people witnessing something bad and then going ‘Noooooooooooooo’ for several minutes, oh dear. As for the story well I would go so far as to say what story but I will just sum it up for you real quick. Aliens come to earth suck people up, some really annoying people try to escape but cant, they think its game over but wait here’s the army who clearly save the day or do they? Well no they don’t, annoying people still cant get away, preposterous use of a breezeblock, that didn’t work, resort to fisticuffs, pointless slow motion, annoying people still cant seem to get away, god the army is useless, aliens win (I think, it all got a bit confusing at the end and I’d started to drift off a bit to be honest). Skyline is a film that has not a single ounce of originality in its shabby body, it ambles around ideas like a fat kid at a buffet table of food stuffs its not sure if it likes or not, every so often taking a nibble of something but eventually popping it back and hoping no one will notice. It jumps from one cliché to another piecing together parts stolen from other films like a shiny blue cinema magpie making a really ugly celluloid nest and it ultimately turns out making something like ‘Independence Day’ look like ‘Citizen Kane’.

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