Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Famous for bringing us the uber-homoerotic ‘300’ and perhaps the greatest superhero film ever made ‘Watchmen’, Zack Snyder here tries his hand at a children’s film based on a series of popular books. Legend tells the story of Soren, a young owl obsessed with the stories of the Guardians, who after a series of events will not only meet his heroes but fight alongside them. Filled with great characters and animated beautifully this is a visual feast for young and old alike and although its a familiar story it is given a fresh twist, add to that Snyder’s flare and technique and you have a film that gets quickly into the action and holds your attention throughout. There’s also plenty of laughs and a great voice cast and my only criticism is the use of a sappy song in the middle while they do a montage, but I guess it is a kids film so that’s really a minor quibble. In a time where everything is 3D and animated films are big business it’s nice to see one that, while technically and graphically superb, doesn’t neglect the need for strong central characters, even if they are owls!

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