There is an old saying ‘Here be monsters’ but unfortunately that doesn’t apply to the new film ‘Monsters’. But the question is would I have gone to see this film had it been called simply ‘Humans’ the answer probably not, so before I review the movie a warning, this is not really a monster movie it’s a romance that happens to have a background that involves aliens/monsters, don’t be mislead by the posters/hype. So to the film itself, shot for next to no money the style and look could easily stand up against the best Hollywood has to offer and that in itself is a great achievement. It is well shot, has a great score and has solid acting from the two main leads Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy the story is simple enough the odd couple have to get from Mexico to America through the ‘infected zone’, which is where the monsters would be if there were any, except there aren’t, well there are a bit but not much. Made with off the shelf kit Gareth Edwards has created and achieved the seemingly impossible because when you actually do see the creatures they are quite impressive, a cross between the ones from the ‘Mist’ and a giant octopus, all tentacles and light. Obvious comparisons are being made with ‘District 9’ but to be honest it’s more like ‘Before Sunrise’ and it’s the central characters relationship that drives the narrative. All in all for what it is it’s an enjoyable tale just don’t go in expecting an action movie because you will be disappointed, but go expecting to see a film paced not unlike ‘Old Joy’ and  you may just come out pleasantly surprised.

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