Kings of Leon-Come Around Sundown

Look past the terrible video and its easy to see why ‘Radioactive’ was the choice for first single from this new album, with its Paul Simon discovering African beat experimentation and its ‘in the water’ chorus its typical Kings fodder, sadly it’s the only thing that is. Not that this album is bad is just a lot more laid back than you’d expect from the boys that brought you ‘Molly’s Chambers’ and ‘Sex on Fire’, it’s like they went to make a stoner rock album and forgot to get stoned. I hasten to say it but its much more of a mature record for the group and they have clearly embraced more of their blues/country/rock roots and songs like ‘Back Down South’ and stand out ‘Mary’ are solid enough but overall there’s a whimsy that I wouldn’t normally associate with the rockers.  Each member has reached a point where their parts are integral to the ‘Kings’ sound and together they are still a music force but nothing here will get the stadiums going wild like previous fists in the air hits. Comparisons with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young will replace those of Springsteen which is no bad thing; I just hope they haven’t lost the fire inn their bellies that made the early albums so dust stompingly good.

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