Grinderman 2

Nick Cave and co are back with the beast that is ‘Grinderman 2’ and let me tell you it’s brilliant. Obviously people who didn’t like this darker side of Cave on the first album won’t find much to soothe here either as the blues/rock/dirges squeal forth from the speakers like the bastard offspring of Bad Seeds songs. Lead single ‘Heathen Child’ is a pretty good example of what to expect but unlike the clever humour portrayed in his other work here Cave is more cheeky, raw and in your face ‘my wife calls me the Loch Ness Monster, two big humps and then I’m gone’ he croons out on ‘Worm Tamer’. Its noisy, it’s dirty and it sounds like a lot of fun is being had by the band, after dozens of albums, film soundtracks etc it seems they feel they no longer have to prove themselves instead just doing what they do best and producing some gut wrenching, filthy f**king music. It will leave you feeling like you’ve been winded with a dizzying ringing in your ears, exactly the way they intended it and exactly the way it should be. Long live the Grinderman.

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