Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

It’s in 3D people! They’ve added an extra dimension. Did I mention it’s in 3D? Well it is. But all this talk of 3D seems to have distracted the makers from actually bothering with a f**king story or even a half decent script. The actors and I know they can because I’ve seen them in other stuff, must have thought it was Christmas come early when they realised that all they had to do was deliver one liners without laughing before cashing in the pay check. This also wasn’t a transfer to 3D which means all the terrible ooh watch this come out at you b*llocks complete with headache inducing techno-rock had to be planned this bad! If that wasn’t bad enough the survivors are hold up in an old prison and they need to get out so who better to help than the bloke from ‘Prison Break’! See what they did there? Anyway bad acting, atrocious script, more plot holes than a lump of edam and more cheese than a four cheese pizza I went knowing it would be bad (I have a soft spot for anything zombie related, roll on Frank Darabont’s Walking Dead!) but even I couldn’t have dreamed it would be this bad. Paul W S Anderson stop. That was a polite request and not the start of a telegram by the way.

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