What annoys me more than the fact that this film is truly awful is that everyone else seems to think it’s the best thing since sliced dreams. At what point do you watch a film as badly written, directed and acted as this and think it’s any good? I’ve seen nothing but five star reviews and misguided praise lauded over what is essentially a pretentious, flabby and boring waste of time and money. I thought that Tarantino was the magpie of modern cinema but Nolan is a obviously trying for that title as here he mixes/steals parts form The Matrix, Total Recall, Dreamscape, Dark City and existenz to name but a few. He then unskilfully stitches the elements together in a two and a half hour mess that almost says to the audience ‘if you don’t understand me f**k you’ before sticking its pathetic fingers up at you and sneering. In fact the film is pretty easy to understand if you can be bothered what’s harder to understand is how a director can get so very little from the ensemble cast, everyone is either just bad or underused. The sound mix is wrong so that the music is so loud in places you cant even hear the turgid dialogue spilling forth from everyone like psychological artw*nk and I couldn’t see where they spent $190 million dollars unless that’s how much it costs to do slow motion these days. Ultimately the films major flaw, which is the same with any film that deals in dreams, is encapsulated in the scene where in the midst of a shoot out one character ‘dreams’ a bigger gun than his colleague. Which poses the question if you can dream anything then why do they have to go such a convoluted way around to get to the end goal? When anti-gravity becomes a problem why not dream anti-gravity boots? Why not dream a unicorn that shits rainbows or a steam powered badger? Because if this is as exciting as Nolan’s dreams get I for one feel very sorry for him. Before seeing the film I made a bold statement that in my opinion Nolan had yet to make a decent film and I’m afraid I stick by that and if anyone even dares to compare this hack to the late great Kubrick then let me just say ‘I know where you dream’.      

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