Money, money, money it’s so funny….

So Elgar hangs up his moustache and gracefully leaves the £20 note and the big question is who should replace him at the purpley paper helm. One suggestion is that we have a limited edition series of twenty £20 notes each carrying a different face of the most popular contestants from Big Brother over the years and although retaining her rightful place on the £5, £10 and £50 pound note Elizabeth would, on these collectable £20s, be replaced by Queen Davina of channel 4. Singer Dizzee Rascal is also said to be in the running as not only is he an ambassador for the youth but he is in fact ‘Bonkers’ and James Corden was mentioned but it was revealed that there were no plans to change the actual size of the notes. Another new idea comes from the fad of folding the existing notes, something that people do for fun, with a few simple folds you can either make the queen look like tennis legend John McEnroe or like she has just let out a royal tummy squeak. The new notes should they ever see the light of day will come printed with fold instructions showing the holder exactly where to fold to create a different scene. These will include Ant and Dec, where a simple fold will make Ant’s forehead look a normal size, a Katie Price one, which once folded will make her look like a decent mother and a very special one where when rolled tightly into a tube will show the faces of Kerry Katona, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse egging you on. In another radical change there is also talk of the £5 note being made from rice paper and carrying the face of Jamie Oliver so kids can stay trim by literally eating their dinner money.

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