It’s my life.

I was wondering. We all know that smoking is bad for us, right? But as with anything we do we enter into a contract knowing full well the consequences of our actions or at least we should. So when I settle down for a lovely cigarette why do I have to look at a horrible picture of someone dying? Or a full colour photoshop of my insides looking like a Francis Bacon painting? It’s not the fact that its there that bothers me but the fact that smokers are singled out for this photo treatment you don’t see pictures of fat people on cakes. Or clinically obese people being craned from their houses, after first removing a side wall, on packets of bacon. I mean we know where it starts but where does it stop? Little pictures of people drowning on the front of goggles or someone with the bends on a flipper? A graphic representation of a splattered child on the bonnet of every new car?  A curious teenager with a swollen appendage on the side of every Dyson? If this picture method is supposed to stop us doing something may I suggest a rethink as on any Saturday night in any town you can see the most disturbing images brought on by a night on the pop yet none us stop drinking. Humans know the atrocities of war but I bet it won’t stop us having another one. So can I enjoy my slow suicide without the slideshow? Or am I going to have to start making my own cigarette packets covered in unicorns, rainbows and kittens?

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