Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Nicholas Cage is a strange actor, especially when choosing his roles, on the one hand he can be brilliant ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, ‘Wild at Heart’ but equally he can be awful ‘Knowing’, ‘The Wicker Man’ to name but a few. Thankfully in Werner Herzog’s new film ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’ he is back on form playing Terence McDonagh a very bad lieutenant indeed. The already corrupt copper helps an inmate trapped in a flooded cell in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and develops a permanent back injury that sees him add prescribed medicines to his already spiralling drug addiction. We join him at the start of a murder investigation and follow his antics as he behaves badly and sweats his way through 2 hours of mischief, intrigue and hallucinations. He becomes ever more deranged and hunched as the film progress and Herzog meanders on a wild ride of sex, drugs, violence and gambling before arriving at a surprising conclusion. Whether shot from the point of view of an alligator or an iguana the style of the film, despite the subject matter, is playful and although the journey is a twisted one it’s also an amazing one. Well shot, well directed, and mad as a box of frogs never has something so bad been so good.

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