Greek film Dogtooth is strangely compelling and utterly bonkers, a mad mix of the films of Todd Solondz, the humour of Vic Reeves and the most surrealist elements of Salvador Dali mixed with an underlying sense of disturbing unease. The story revolves around a family permanently housed within a walled garden except for the father who works to provide for his wife and three children and because the kids have never seen the real world the parents can pretty much tell them anything and they do. ‘Cats kill and eat children, they are the most feared predator’ the father tells his clan before getting them to practice their barking skills which is pretty mild compared to some of the things here. It helps that the father is a genuinely creep looking bloke that adds weight to this bizarre existence he’s constructed for his equally weird looking children. Without giving any answers to the numerous questions it poses the film starts off strange and rapidly goes downhill from there to its truly mad ending. Dogtooth is an experience, a decent into the twisted mind of men, but anyone prepared to go on the trip will, if they can stomach it, be rewarded with an amazingly shot and well acted mind bend.

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