Crazy Heart

The ‘dude’ got old, sorry I meant ‘Crazy Heart’ stars Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake a washed up country singer tackling problems of a decline in popularity and crippling alcoholism. Constantly on the road and never without a cigarette in his mouth (except when he’s singing) we first meet him at yet another date on his constant cycle of touring at funnily enough a bowling alley where he gets off to a bad start as he‘s broke and doesn’t have a bar tab. After acquiring a bottle of whiskey and puking his way through a lacklustre performance he regrettably sleeps with a seasoned audience member before getting back behind the wheel of his pick up and moving on to the next town. Its here he gets interviewed by Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal) a local reporter who despite being about 30 years his junior falls for the singer, its never really explained why this happens which is the first in a series of plot jumps and unanswered questions. Then we meet the mysterious Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell) apparently Bad taught him everything he knows, even wrote some of his songs, now he’s a global phenomenon, young, attractive and rich, everything Bad used to be and isn’t anymore. Will the new love of his life save him? Will he accept Tommy’s offer of help? Will we ever find out his real name? Is this just ‘the old Lebowski’ without the laughs? How many times will we have to listen to the same song? Do we even care? This should have done for country music what ‘The Wrestler’ did for erm wrestling but instead we get a tired story told once again in a completely traditional fashion. It lacks depth and has the strangest cuts in it, where did the balloon ride suddenly come from? If you want a two hour watered down drama that you may have seen before in another guise then this is for you, if you want the same thing but better watch the afore mentioned ‘Wrestler’. I had hoped that Jeff Bridges would win the Oscar but if he did it would be a token ‘he’s never had one award’ as he has done much better roles in his career by a country mile. What has the press gushing I don’t know as this is a distinctly average film with mediocre performances and despite the help of T-Bone Burnett the songs also fail to ignite like they should which all lead sadly to a disappointing effort.

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