Its just puppy fat honest.

If you have ever seen one of those photos of someone barely being able to hold up an obese pet like a rabbit the size of a pony or a really fat dog have you ever thought why do you never see fat ducks? No? Just me then. I mean you never see them do you? All ducks, despite how much mouldy bread based products we throw at them, are all roughly the same size and the same can be said for geese, swans and blackbirds. I mean you see big ones but not fat ones. Going further a field I’ve never seen a fat giraffe, hippos yes, but they are designed to be fat. Could you imagine a fat flamingo? It certainly wouldn’t be able to show off with its old one legged routine. Zebras, bees and meerkats to name but a few all roughly the same size no lardy bloaters there. Anteaters you’d imagine to put on a bit of weight the amount of ant hills they empty with their Dyson like mouths but I don’t recall ever seeing a chubby one ambling around the forest barely being able to fit between trees. With access to all the scraps and bins it’s a wonder inner city Britain’s night time streets aren’t teeming with fat foxes looking like a load of ginger spacehoppers. It certainly is strange though how some animals can put on weight and others can’t and I for one want to know why. Come on Attenborough I’ve been watching your excellent show ‘Life’ and each week there’s been a topic like ‘Mammals’ or ‘Plants’ but where was the show entitled ‘Bellies’? That was the one I really wanted see. So come on sir Dave make it happen, please.

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