Biffy Clyro-Only Revolutions

With a blast of horns on album opener ‘The Captain’ they sound more like Reel Big Fish than Biffy Clyro but thankfully things go back to normal on ‘That Golden Rule’ as they thrash and scream their way from verse to chorus despite the same horns popping up again towards the end and before it fades out like a bond theme on acid. ‘Bubbles’ sung by Simon complete with a Scottish accent that’s not normally noticeable is song that relies on building up to the full on chorus which is full of fist in the air bombast. In complete contrast ‘God & Satan’ is a stripped down acoustic song just vocal and guitar and later some softer drums and bass but it’s much slower than the previous two tracks.  ‘Born on a Horse’ takes it back up but not by much and wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by Vampire Weekend. ‘Mountains’ should be familiar to everyone with it ‘I am a mountain; I am the sea’ mantra which was everywhere earlier in the year when released as a single, its catchy enough and show of the boys ability to write such a song.  ‘Shock Shock’ sounds slightly emo, complete with swearing, it talks of a relationship in crisis over the usual fuzzy guitars. ‘Many of Horror’ then drops the pace right back down; think the chilli peppers doing a ballad, awash with strings and noodling guitar it really is a sing your heart out song all crescendos and screams.  Back in familiar territory comes ‘Boooom, Blast & Ruin’ a Foo Fighters style wall of noise and ‘Cloud of Stink’ a straight forward 3 minute pop/punk song.  Then finally ‘Know your Quarry’ changes the format slightly opening with baroque style stings before bursting into life and a adding piano into the mix, it builds until the closing ‘I just want to feel your body, I want you to know your quarry’. The album closes with ‘Whorses’ a call to arms ‘let’s use this dynamite; we are just making noise’ it is typical Biffy fare solid and fuzzy. But as the feedback fades I can’t help but feel I’ve heard nothing new, nothing stands out and to be honest I still prefer their first few albums because here on album five they fall a little flat. They used to sound ahead of the crowd unfortunately now they just sound part of the crowd which is a shame.

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