Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is the film everyone is talking about, at two years old it is finally getting a release in this country, after taking the American box office by storm. Sadly it is mostly hype and clever marketing that has seen it rise in popularity, it badly wants to be ‘The Blair Witch Project’ but isn’t. The comparisons are easy to see low budget, hand held cameras, spooky story about a couple being tormented in their own house by a demon etc. But where as the makers of Blair Witch tormented the actors in the woods creating genuine fear here the actors are in on the action and so are not entirely convincing. In fact the two main leads are just annoying constantly bickering during the day and being tormented throughout the night, a formula that starts to get tired about two thirds in. Steven Spielberg apparently switched the film off halfway through as he was too scared, all I can say is that Steven is a pussy as out of an hour and a half there is only a couple of minutes that come even close to being scary. Another part of the hype is that there are three alternate endings and after doing some research I think I saw the worst, although I’m not sure either of the others could redeem the film. There are a few moments that are very well done for such a small budget film but overall it’s an idea that has been done before and done better. Even the BBC’s ‘Ghostwatch’, a one off Halloween special from years ago, contained a lot more scares. It’s no surprise that the makers of the Blair Witch are in talks to make another film after seeing how easy it is to rake cash out of people with a good marketing campaign just like they did way back in 1999. As Public Enemy once said ‘don’t believe the hype’. 


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