Thirst (Bakjwi)

I can safely say that you will not have seen a vampire film like Thirst, which from the Vengeance trilogy director Chan-Wook Park is no surprise. The director has carved himself a certain niche in the way he makes films that makes him stand out from the crowd. Thirst slips easily into his body of work being both imaginative and visually stunning. The film starts by introducing us to Priest Sang-Hyeon, played superbly by Kang-Ho Song, who while being disillusioned with his faith signs up for an experimental treatment program looking into a cure for a horrible disease. There is a catch of course in that you might die and along with 49 other volunteers that is exactly what happens with one difference Sang-Hyeon comes back to life as a vampire. There are no fangs here and the twist is that the vampire gene makes Sang-Hyeon want to experience all pleasures no matter how depraved which as you can imagine is a problem for a priest. His conflict of interest is now not with his faith but himself. Things take a turn when he realizes that he must drink blood to survive but doesn’t want to kill anyone; you could say he is a very reluctant vampire, his food coming in the form of blood bags he steals from the hospital he works at. Things take another turn for him when he falls for a stunning girl he used to know when he was little, all grown up and trapped in a loveless marriage it is easy for the two to become an item, until she find out his dark secret. When she finally starts to entertain the idea it becomes clear that she has designs on becoming a vamp herself and unlike Sang-Hyeon she will relish in it. With brilliant performances, the usual gore factor and Park’s tongue in cheek humour Thirst doesn’t disappoint on any level and has once again injected new blood into an old genre.

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