Cash4gold will bring down society.

I very really watch television so it’s inevitable that whenever I do there is always something on it that surprises me and last night was no exception. It seems that we never knew about all the people with their own refineries, but thank god they have them because they can now turn your unwanted gold into cold hard cash. Cash4gold is just one of a growing number of companies that want any old gold, your grannies teeth and anything that can be melted down into bullion and in return they will send you cash money. Take Brenda from Scunthorpe who said ‘it were sooo easy I just put me earrings in an envelope and postd them and I gut enough muney to eat aut’ and that’s not all one chap had enough that when the cash came through he went to a European soccer match, no one has yet to question just what said chap was doing with so much unwanted gold lying about? But is it just me or is this the start of a worrying trend, if this carries on then surely the richest people in society will be the chavs? Most of them singlehandedly have enough shit bling that if they were clever enough to send it off to cash4yourshitsovereigns they would suddenly all be big time charlies.  I don’t know about you but I can foresee the collapse of society as we know it, the streets of our towns having to adapt to the changing climate would be lined with J.D.Sports, £1 shops and Greggs and every pub would have a McDonalds in it. Anyway why do they only want gold? I’ve got a bit of old piping in the garden could be worth a few bob.

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